5 Best Food Bowls For Ragdoll Cat In 2022

After guiding my Ragdoll through a time of her not eating and digestive problems due to related food and feeding time issues, I’ve found the Dr. Catsby model to be the best Ragdoll cat Food Bowl.

When she wouldn’t eat, I did mountains of research and bought a ton of different bowls (and different cat foods) to help the problem.

I learned enough to steer any Ragdoll owner to the most appropriate food bowl, for sure!

You’ll learn guidelines for choosing the best food bowl for your Ragdoll cat, along with other top recommendations.

What to Remember with Food Bowls

Many owners forget some key points when picking a food bowl for their Ragdoll (like when they rush out to get the items on their new kitten checklist)

Whisker Fatigue is a Thing

First, they buy the bowl based on their human preferences. Maybe it’s a cute bowl color that matches their countertops…

Or the stainless steel dish is reminiscent of stainless refrigerator.

Second, owners buy a food bowl without consulting their Ragdoll!

I know it sounds nuts, but, food bowls needs to be breed specific. For example, Maine Coon breed of cat has the longest whiskers of any breed.

And they hate their whiskers dragging on the side of a deep food bowl as much as humans like a handheld inside-out peanut butter jelly sandwich.

That’s why for Ragdoll cats I recommend a shallow and wide food bowl.

Food Bowls Should Address Problems

Plus, your Ragdoll has individual needs or behaviors associated with mealtime that we can address:

Like they could be messy eaters.

Or they have trouble bending over to eat – due to health or laziness.

Or they like to scoop food out of the bowl. (Gross to us humans, but totally normal for cats)…

And much more. We will cover the best food bowls for each of those categories below too.

Cat Food Bowl Material

Lastly, some owners don’t consider the material of the bowl.

Never buy plastic food bowls. Plastic is porous and can harbor bacteria. If that’s not bad enough…

Just like with humans our plastic containers, chemicals can leach out and into the food we eat.

The best cat bowls are glass, porcelain, or stainless steel. They are non-toxic, non-porous, durable, easy to clean, and do not retain odors.

Goes without saying too that they are to be cleaned like your dishes: after each use and with soap and water.

Could you eat from bowl that was rinsed only with water, and where the smell reminded you of your last meal? Heck no, so get on it

5 Best Food Bowls For Ragdoll Cat

Best Overall Ragdoll Cat Food Bowl – Dr. Catsby Whisker Friendly Cat Food Bowl

Best Overall Ragdoll Cat Food Bowl - Dr. Catsby Whisker Friendly Cat Food Bowl

This is the overall best Ragdoll food bowl because it scores in each of the above 3 categories.

Whisker friendly? Check! Your Ragdoll will be very pleased with its human for providing such a pleasant eating experience.

Ragdolls that are fed up with their bowl drop food to the floor to eat. If you’re seeing this issue play out, their whiskers are literally shouting help because it’s too sensitive.

The Dr. Catsby Whisker Friendly Cat Food Bowl also meets the individual needs my Ragdoll.

She likes to scoop food out with her paw when feeling nitpicky, but can also attack a good meal with a fervor that frightens.

Meaning she can be a messy eater that needs a food bowl that won’t move around while she gets at it. And afterwards, it needs to be easy to clean.

Check and check on those issues too. The bowl is made of surgical grade stainless steel so it’s dishwasher safe!

And the bowl won’t shift around on the included (but detachable) food-grade silicone mat.

Finally, now that we got your Ragdoll’s needs met… to my human eyes, the modern design is minimal and sleek. It does match the fridge

Best Runner Up Ragdoll Cat Food Bowl – CatGuru Premium Whisker Free Cat Food Bowl (Stainless Steel)

Best Runner Up Ragdoll Cat Food Bowl - CatGuru Premium Whisker Free Cat Food Bowl (Stainless Steel)

Imagine if your Ragdoll used Yelp and rated us humans for our service and food during meals.

I always have a good time here. The kibble is reliably filling and the Pate at the perfect room temperature. It could be a big more “fragrant,” but what do humans know of smells anyway.

So, today the food came as it usually did on the same silverware and it just disgusted me. How about some variety, but still catering to my every need?

I don’t know why, it must be that human’s fault.

2 stars!

Somedays your Ragdoll with the perfect personality will just be a finicky, picky cat.

This illustrates my understanding of the CatGuru Premium Whisker Stress Free Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowl

If for any reason, your Ragdoll cat demands something else besides that wonderful modern designed Dr Catsby…

And it still has needs to be same, but different -_-

Then select this one!

This CatGuru Stainless Steel Bowl checks the same boxes as above: so this bowl is dishwasher safe, made of stainless steel, and comes with a non-slip ring on the bottom to cater to those messy eaters.

Best Budget Ragdoll Food Bowl – OurPets Durapet Cat Bowl (Heavyweight Durable Stainless Steel)

Best Budget Ragdoll Food Bowl - OurPets Durapet Cat Bowl (Heavyweight Durable Stainless Steel)

Your Ragdoll will be comfortable and happy eating from this. Period. No worries, and it’s cheap!

We live in this hyper-fast society and things are pulling our attention in a million directions.

And there are a ton of other costs associated with Ragdolls…

Sometimes you just want to take 3 minutes reading this blog, and spend 5 bucks on one of the best Ragdoll cat bowls that meets all the basic requirements.

The OurPets Durapet Cat Bowl is made of heavy duty stainless steel, meaning no random smells plus easy to clean.

It will not crack or break when dropped, you busy professional you.

And the bowl is, of course, wide enough for those luxurious whiskers, plus that non-slip ring is present.

The design (what design?) is kind of old school, though if you don’t care about that, there’s literally nothing stopping you from buying this

Best Ragdoll Food Bowl for Messy Eaters – Neater Pets Neater Feeder

Best Ragdoll Food Bowl for Messy Eaters - Neater Pets Neater Feeder

This bowl system will eliminate any clean up you’ll need to do around the feeding area.

No need to worry if you leave for the day and they’re guarding the castle as a house cat!

Whether it’s food or water, cats have a funny way of letting you know they care…

They make messes. By either splashing water from their bowls. Or with dropping food everywhere but their mouths when they eat.

You don’t need to fiddle with a rubber mat, cardboard, newspaper, or whatever Macguyver’s solution you came up with.

All you need is the Neater Feeder that nestles 2 stainless steel bowls on 2 platforms, and surrounds the whole thing with 3 walls.

The sides and bottom walls keep any food or water from getting out.

Food can collect on the top platform and water drains to the bottom one, for easy disposal later

These are also one of best elevated Ragdoll food bowls out there!

Protip: Keep one of these for food only – wet and dry. Keep the water in a separate Neater Feeder or use a separate water fountain.

It’s because 1) cats do not like to drink water where they eat, and 2) splashed food and water in one system can mix and become pretty nasty.

Best Raised Ragdoll Cat Food Bowl – Necoichi Raised Cat Bowl

This elevated bowl is perfect for Ragdoll cats with digestion or esophagus problems, bone or hip issues, and older cats limited in their mobility.

Imagine bending waist-down to pick bites of food – it’s quite a chore, so think what it’s like for a cat suffering from one of the above issues.

They may even start eating less – never a good outcome if they are already compromised.

It’s the perfect height for an ergonomic eating experience. This reduces post-meal acid reflux or burping, as well as vomiting.

The Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl is made of heavy duty ceramic, that’s easy to clean in the dishwasher. Rest easy knowing the glaze is non-toxic.

Another benefit is the ability to microwave it. How many times have you forgotten to take cat food out of the refrigerator?

Meanwhile, Fluffy the Ragdoll is hungry and demanding room temperature food.

With ceramic, this is easily remedied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Elevate My Ragdolls Food Bowl?

You should consider it if your Ragdoll cat is elderly or suffering from issues related to digestion, the esophagus, bone or hip mobility.

You can consult a veterinarian or just try elevating the food bowl a bit (like to a cat’s knee height) to see your Ragdoll eats more or more comfortably.,

Also, if your Ragdoll is sick regularly after eating or makes weird burping noises, raising the food bowl may help with digestion.

How Often Should You Clean your Ragdoll’s Food Bowl?

How Often Should You Clean your Ragdoll’s Food Bowl?

Clean the food bowl every day. This is why all the best Ragdoll food bowls listed above need to be easy to clean.

A cat’s sense of smell is many times stronger than yours or mine.

If a dish is dirty or smells bad, your Ragdoll may choose not to eat because you’re disgusting

Should a Cat’s Water Be Away From Food?

As discussed in my Ragdoll not eating post: Yes, your Ragdoll cat’s natural inclination is to have their water away from their food.

This is because when cats lived in the wild and hunted prey, water near the kill site would get contaminated!

Put their water bowl or fountain in a separate spot of the house, and apart from their food bowl.

Not only does your Ragdoll prefer this biologically, it also encourages roaming around and activity

If you decide to purchase the Neater Feeder bowls, follow this guideline and fill the two bowls it comes with with wet and dry food.

Then set up a the fountain elsewhere.