9 Best Harnesses For Ragdoll Cats In 2022

What harness should you choose for your Ragdoll? This question might confuse you, as it is not that easy to control a cat as big as a Ragdoll.

This cat species is so big that it has even won the record of being the biggest domestic feline.

Though they are affectionate and patient, their energy level and hunting skills are powerful. They even keep polishing their skills by chasing and hunting mice and other small creatures.

So, how can you control them while out for a walk? Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without getting the best Ragdoll harness.

Before purchasing a harness for a Ragdoll, it is important to remember their neck is a delicate region. So, it is by no means appropriate to put a strain on this part.

Your selected harness should be harmless and comfortable for them while being escape-proof.

A vest shaped harness can be a good choice for them in this regard. It would cover a large part of their body while making it hard to escape out of it.

Let’s find out what are the best Ragdoll Harness available on the market.

The 9 Best Ragdoll Harnesses

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

The Kitty Holster is an award winner Ragdoll harness. This fact is enough to describe its suitability for your loving coon.

It is available in different sizes. It’s better to perform careful measurements before selecting the size. You can’t expect 100% functioning from a wrong sized harness.

your Ragdoll will feel comfortable wearing it. It is constructed using soft and non-abrasive fabric.

This has 100% undyed cotton lining. Contains hook and loop closure, which will make things more favorable for your feline and also has a D-ring that you can use to attach a leash.

As it is long and provides enough coverage, it would be hard for your Ragdoll to escape out of it.

This Ragdoll harness is great for its comfort and escape-free design.


  • Easy to use.
  • Helps in preventing escapes.
  • Velcro closure feels comfortable to Ragdoll.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.


  • The noise made by the Velcro part on the opening might scare your Ragdoll.
  • The cat’s fur might get caught in Velcro.

Voyager Step-In Air Pet Harness

This Voyager is best for its all weather suitability and lightweight soft feel.This harness is constructed using soft and breathable air mesh. Thus, it doesn’t make your coon overheat. This is the reason; you can easily use it even when it is hot outside. It is lightweight so your Ragdoll won’t feel overloaded while wearing it. This harness also assists in preventing your Ragdoll from getting lost. It has two reflective bands for this purpose. They make the feline visible even when the light is low. It has a hook and loop fastener along with a buckle. Moreover, it has double D-rings. It is a very easy to use and comfortable harness that your Ragdoll is surely going to love.


  • Easy to wear.
  • Its reflective bands make your Ragdoll visible in the dark.
  • You can use it all year round.
  • It provides maximum security to your Ragdoll.


  • It could have a built-in handle to hold the pet.
  • It might be a bit difficult to fasten Velcro on a fat kitten.

This harness is recommended for its comfort, versatility, and ease of use.

Yizhi Miaow Kitty Harness and Leash for Walking Escape Proof

Yizhi Miaow Kitty Harness and Leash for Walking Escape Proof

This cat harness is remarkable for its adorable appearance and relaxing padding.

This cat harness is beautiful despite being functional. It can catch anyone’s attention with its beautiful prints. However, you can choose from a variety of different designs. Besides, it feels good to your Ragdoll and gives escape-proof results as well.

Its chest and neck straps are adjustable and feel soft on your Ragdoll’s delicate throat. Also, it doesn’t come with a plastic buckle. Instead, it has a Magic Tape for this purpose. Thus, it makes the harness quite escape-proof.

As it has a padded surface, your Ragdoll is going to feel happy inside. In order to make it suitable for hot weather, it has mesh underneath. It allows adequate ventilation.


  • Prints are delightful.
  • It doesn’t annoy the pet.
  • Soft chest and neck-straps.
  • Mesh layer allows adequate ventilation.
  • Prevents cat escape with its Magic Tape.


  • Size not available for big Ragdoll.

This harness is great for its beautiful design and plush padding.

SCIROKKO Cat Harness and Leash Set 

SCIROKKO Cat Harness and Leash Set 

This SCIROKKO harness is wonderful for its safety and escape-proof design.

It allows adjusting the chest and neck to some extent. It has two neck straps and two chest straps for this purpose.

Pull or push them to make just a right fitting. However, before purchasing this harness, you are supposed to perform measurements carefully for your Ragdoll.

This harness is capable of keeping your Ragdoll secure. It has 4 buckles along with a strong Nylon leash. You need to attach a leash with its double D metal rings. Tie the leash and let your Ragdoll enjoy the outside beauty.

The design prevents putting a strain on the neck or chest part. It also has reflective strips to make them visible even with the minimum light available.


  • Highly adjustable.
  • It prevents your Ragdoll from escaping out of the harness.
  • The design doesn’t cause discomfort.
  • 3M reflective straps will not let your Ragdoll get lost.


  • Neck section could have more adjustment options.
  • It might catch your feline’s fur.

SCIROKKO could be a good option if you want your Ragdoll to stay protected, safe, and easy with it.

INVENHO Mesh Harness with Padded Vest

This INVENHO is amazing for its vibrant colored design, good quality, and ease of use.

This product is again for owners who need something adorable to keep their cat secure. It is available in three different sizes. However, neck measurements are something you’d need to be very careful about.

As its fabric is breathable, you won’t need to worry about making your Ragdoll overheated. Also, it is quite soft and light in weight. Thus, there will be no point in your Ragdoll feeling uneasy with it.

It also comes with a Nylon strap. So, you can easily go out on a long walk with your animal friend with this stretchable belt. Even if your Ragdoll tries to hide from you in the dark, its 3M reflective material will make it visible.


  • Effortless to take off/on.
  • Breathable material keeps animals cool.
  • Its 3M reflective material will make your Ragdoll visible even at night.


  • You might not be able to find an accurate neck size.

This cat harness not only has a durable design but offers maximum functioning with its various features.

Dexil Luxury Cat Harness Padded and Water Resistant

This Dexil is notable for its sturdy design and ability to be used all year round.

This Dexil Luxury harness is great for Ragdoll owners who need something specifically for winters. It has adequate padding. It not only feels comfortable on a pet’s back but prevents them from cold as well. (Ragdolls are well adaptable for harsh cold weather though)

The waterproof design makes it a great idea to take your Ragdoll out even in rain. Its high-quality material would ensure its longevity. The extra D ring at the front prevents your kitty from painful pulling.

Also, it comes in 5 different color options. All these are vibrant and can make your Ragdoll stand out of the crowd. So, you won’t have trouble finding them.


  • Waterproof.
  • Allows adjustability.
  • Suitable for various weather.
  • Available in different bright color options.
  • Certified for its strength and use of chemicals.


  • Might collect a lot of hair.
  • It might not suit small-sized kittens perfectly.

SCIROKKO Cat Harness and Leash Set – Escape Proof Adjustable for Outdoor Walking Jacket with Safety Buckle

This SCIROKKO is by far the best for its charming style and pet-friendly structure.

This product is again amazing for its striking appearance. Its leopard design and furry style make a good connection to Ragdoll with wild animals. Also, this style is something that is not going to go out-dated.

Its fabric is skin-friendly and washable. It suits all skin types. Also, as it is easier to clean, you won’t have a difficult time maintaining it.

A specialized design aspect makes this harness comfortable for cats. It doesn’t cause you to pull the pet harshly. It disperses the pressure all over the region and prevents any discomfort.

Besides, it is quite easier to take this harness on/off. It is adjustable as well.


  • Additional loop will prevent cats from escaping.
  • Its Leopard style is adorable.
  • It makes pulling feel gentle to your loving kitty.
  • Fabric is skin-friendly.


  • Might be problematic for long-haired cats.
  • Could have more size options.

If your Ragdoll is an escape artist, you can use the additional loop on the SCIROKKO to prevent it.

PUPTECK Soft Mesh Cat Vest Harness and Leash Set

This PUPTECK is remarkable for its secure functioning and all-weather suitability.

This PUPTECK harness comes equipped with all features that make it secure and comfy for your Ragdoll as well.Its Velcro feels soft and comfortable for your Ragdoll. The fabric used in its construction is breathable. It makes this product suitable for even hot weather.

A wide Velcro from its chest part eliminates any chances of your Ragdoll running out of it. It also has plastic closure along with Velcro at the neck region.

Along with all these attributes, it also comes equipped with 2 heavy D rings. All these features make this harness a secure and escape-free option for your Ragdoll.


  • Two D-rings connect to make it more secure.
  • Its breathable fabric is suitable for all weather.
  • The buckle allows adjusting its fitting.


  • You might find it hard to get a size for your bi-sized Ragdoll.
  • The neck and belly size might not coordinate well for a few cats.

This harness is great for its secure functioning and breathable fabric.

BINGPET Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash

This harness can be a great choice for owners who want a strong grip along with comfort for their cat.

It is available in different sizes so that you can choose correctly after measuring neck, chest, and leash length separately. It is constructed in a way to make the cat feel comfy and easy. It feels soft on their delicate neck and allows breathability as well.

Its hook and loop closure is adjustable. Thus, you can fit the harness just perfectly over your Ragdoll. Moreover, its 2 D rings and plastic buckles add more to its security.


  • Allows adjusting its fitting from neck and chest.
  • Provides a secure grip while walking with the cat.
  • Doesn’t make cat overheated.


  • Your Ragdoll might feel it bulky.

This BINGPET harness is good if you need a breathable vest with a secure grip and strong fastening.

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A Ragdoll is tolerant and loving by nature but still keeps its hunting skills alive. That’s why it loves to chase and grabs small things here and there. This fact makes taking them out a real adventure. It wouldn’t be an easier task to control and keep them safe.

Fortunately, a proper Ragdoll harness can be helpful in this regard. It will not feel harsh on the cat’s delicate neck like a typical collar. However, it offers good control over the cat while being gentle.

Best Harnesses For Ragdoll Cats

In this post, the best Ragdoll harnesses have been reviewed. They all are great in one way or another. Yet, the best of them is Kitty Holster.

This award-winning harness is good for providing help to secure your Ragdoll. It also feels quite comfortable along with looking good on them.

If you can’t get it, the Voyager Step-in Air Harness is another best option for Ragdoll. It is available in a variety of colors and size options. Also, its material is very soft and breathable for cats. It would make your Ragdoll feel easy while wearing it.

It is easy to use as well. Furthermore, its reflective band keeps pets visible almost everywhere. You can also trust its secure functioning with its three different safety features.

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