Siamese Cat Personality: 5 Unique (and Entertaining!) Traits

Wondering what it would be like to live with a Siamese cat? Are they wild or skittish? Or would it be more like having a dog’s personality in a cat’s body?

Siameses are often described as intelligent, curious, and active. Some people even go so far as to say they’re more like a dog than a cat—in fact, that’s one of the top three reasons that people want a Siamese cat (the other two are beauty and hypoallergenic coats).

Let’s take a closer look at five interesting Siamese cat personality traits.

So, what’s a Siamese cat personality really like?

1.Siamese cats are curious

Siameses are very curious, always up in your business and wanting to see what’s going on. If something is happening, a Siamese will be checking that something out. I call Sadie, one of my Siameses, “Inspector Sadie” for a reason! Every time I come home from grocery shopping, Sadie is waiting on the kitchen island to check over the produce, inspect the meat, and sniff every can.

If you have something you don’t want “explored” and it seems to have captivated your Siamese’s intense attention, you’ll have to move it far out of paw’s reach!

QUICK TIP: “I hear Siameses love water!”
Most Siameses are going to be curious about water, just because they’re curious about everything! But if you have some fantasy about a cat that will go swimming, don’t get your hopes up.

2.Siamese cats are vocal

If you own a Siamese cat, you can throw out your alarm clock. Once your Siamese knows that feeding time is 7:00 AM, she will promptly (and loudly!) remind you at 6:50 AM. And when you come home after a long day out, you’ll be welcomed home with a symphony of why-did-you-leave-me? meows.

Siameses always have a lot to say! Whether they talk to you softly or scream at you, they don’t usually hold back. Some people find this charming, and others… not so much. Personally, I think it’s fun to have a conversation with my Siameses. Sadie loves to be talked to, and given the chance, she will voice exactly how she feels!

3.Siamese cats are intelligent

Expect your Siamese to learn how to completely manipulate you within the first week of coming home 😉 Siameses know exactly how to get what they want. And they know how to express their distaste for a situation. Their silly antics and little games will keep you entertained for hours.

One of my kittens, Bella, likes to collect and hide all the house knickknacks, from chapstick to keys… and sometimes puts them in the dogs’ water bowls! Another kitten, Gus, learned how to play fetch when he was only 10 weeks old.

They’re very clever and catch on quickly to new things. But their intelligence is especially prominent on an emotional level. They can read the atmosphere of a room, your posture, and even the tone of your voice instantly. They always know exactly how you’re feeling, and your energy can easily influence their behavior.

Due to their intelligence, they have increased social and physical needs compared to other cats. Which leads us to…

4.Siamese cats are social

Leaving your Siamese at home alone all day is just. not. gonna. fly.

Siameses need companionship. Most importantly, they need you. One of the best things about a Siamese cat is the strong bond you can form with her. Leaving your Siamese alone for extended periods of time will be distressing to her, and a bored or lonely Siamese can quickly become a destructive Siamese.

It can be time-consuming to fill their social needs by yourself, and so most Siameses do best with another pet at home!

Are Siameses social with strangers?
Even the most social, loving Siamese probably won’t run up and greet a stranger like many dogs would. They are still cats! Some Siameses are naturally shy, but many who are well-socialized as kittens have more outgoing personalities. They’ll usually be curious about newcomers but may prefer to watch from a distance, depending on their individual personality.

Are Siameses cuddlers?
Some are, and some aren’t! Just because your Siamese is bonded to you doesn’t mean she will be a cuddler. Some Siameses are very cuddly, but like most cats, they’ll want it to be on their own terms. Other Siameses show their attachment by just being near to you, never far away, but rarely sitting right on your lap.

5.Siamese cats are active

You can expect a Siamese to be PLAYFUL! Siameses are full of energy as kittens, and quite active even into adulthood.

Have you heard about Siameses biting or destroying things or “acting out?” That’s usually because they are desperate for play. For a Siamese, “play” is not just some fun weekend activity. It’s an outlet for their drive to hunt, and it’s as essential to them as food and water.

Siamese cats still spend plenty of time napping—after all, they need to regain their energy for more play time. But their time awake will be spent following you around and looking for ways to be entertained.

Should I get a cat exercise wheel?
Many people laugh at the thought, but with Siameses, cat wheels are typically very well-used! Many Siameses like to run to release pent up energy, so a cat exercise wheel is a fantastic investment. If your house has smaller rooms or your Siamese struggles with boredom, I highly recommend it.

Is a Siamese just like a dog in a cat’s body?

It may be tempting to think so! After all, Siameses often greet you at the door, follow you around, bond to you, are a bit high maintenance, and can even be trained to fetch or walk on a harness.

BUT, Siameses are still very much a cat (not a dog!) in a cat’s body. If you start to think of a Siamese like a dog, you’ll lack a proper understanding of what it needs, and this is turn will affect your overall relationship with it.

At the end of the day, each Siamese cat is unique!

I have two Siameses who fit all five of these personality traits to a T… and I also have a Siamese who is the most chill, laid back, cuddly cat you’ve ever met. Although each cat has its own unique personality, the majority of Siameses resemble the breed stereotypes. Siameses always keep life interesting!

Are you nervous about bringing home a shy or timid Siamese?

While it’s normal for Siamese kittens to be scared when first introduced to a new home, a reclusive cat is not our goal with the Siamese breed.

Here are some tips for finding and nurturing a confident Siamese kitten:

  • Look at the personalities of the kitten’s parents. Genetics play a large role in temperament, and it can be almost impossible to determine the personality of a kitten younger than 7 weeks. You may also be able to look at the temperaments of other kittens those parents have produced in the past.
  • Ask the breeder about their socialization process. Are their kittens exposed to people, children, dogs, other cats? Are they handled daily? Are they desensitized to common household noises? If you’re able to observe the kittens in person, you can make sure they’re confident and playful.
  • Once adopted, transition the kitten carefully into your home. The key is to not give her access to large areas immediately. Allow the kitten’s confidence to build and gradually increase her territory size.
  • Continue to give positive experiences. Although the most critical socialization period is with the breeder, a kitten is still very adaptable and can learn a lot during its first few months with you! Early on, give her positive experiences with things she will face throughout life—from car rides to interactions with dogs, young kids, and visitors.