The 6 Best Ragdoll Cat Toys You Just Have To Get

Ragdoll cats are beautiful, majestic cats. They are known for being one of the friendliest cat breeds. They are very affectionate and very sensitive and because of that, they are a popular family cat.

The best way to keep your Ragdoll busy is to get another cat if you don´t already have two cats. Further, it is important to offer a variety of toys to your Ragdoll as Ragdoll cats are very intelligent and get bored when playing with the same toys each and every day. That´s why you have to come up with new ways and toys to keep your Ragdoll busy. If you want to play with your Ragdoll, a cat wand/ cat dancer is a great choice. Other than that cat tunnels and interactive cat ball toys are highly recommended. Given the fact that Ragdoll cats were used for hunting mice back in the day, electric toys that move a lot are also great.

As you see, there are a lot of different things you can get for your Ragdoll and your Ragdoll will probably always be thankful and excited. However, as I said, you have to come up with ways to make sure that your Ragdoll does not get bored.

Since they are so intelligent, this will happen if you don´t come up with a strategy and this can have annoying consequences.

This article will show you exactly what the best toys for your Ragdoll are and what you can do to keep your Ragdoll excited.


Even though I recommend to read the whole article, I think it is important to give you the answer you are looking for. So I don´t want you to have to read the whole article before I tell you what great toys for your Ragdolls are.

So here are 6 toys that I and most other Ragdoll cat owners highly recommend.


The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy is probably one of the best toys that we have gotten in the last couple of years. If you are looking for a way to entertain your Ragdoll and provide some great exercise, this toy is what you are looking for.

Why is this toy so great?

Well, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher is a round plate. In this plate, there is a channel for a small ball. The ball can move around the plate, but your Ragdoll can´t get the ball out.

This means that your Ragdoll will continuously try to get the ball out while the ball is moving faster and faster whenever your Ragdoll tries to get it. The ball can be stopped by your Ragdoll, but, again, it can´t be taken out.

Want to see how this works? Have a look at this video with this cute cat playing with the Bergan Turbo Scratcher.

As you see the cat loves this toy. The next great thing about this toy is that there is a textured scratch pad in the middle. So your Ragdoll can hold on to the toy while trying to get the ball.

A lot of cats even use this pad like a scratching post to remove old material from their claws and mark their territory.

The textured pad in the middle is very durable, but if your Ragdoll has totally destroyed it, you can replace it.

To make it short, this toy is great for keeping your Ragdoll cat entertained and making sure that your Ragdoll gets some exercise. Besides that, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Toy is pretty cheap.


The secret of being a good cat owner is being a great catnip dealer. Simple as that. This banana filled with catnip is awesome, however, there are thousands of other toys filled with catnip that you can get as well.

If you don´t know the magic of catnip yet, let me explain what this will do to your Ragdoll. When your Ragdoll smells catnip it will turn into something …something that makes you comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.

What do I mean by that? Well, your Ragdoll will cuddle with the toy and it will sniff the toy intensely. So far so good, but you might also see your Ragdoll drooling on the toy. Yeah, just…just leave the room and just don´t look at it. That´s better.

We bought a big pillow filled with catnip for our Ragdoll and for our regular house cat. Both love to play with it, but they also love to sleep on it. Our regular house cat can be pretty grumpy from time to time, but the catnip seems to calm her down.

Wait, is this really catnip? …. Just kidding.

Besides that, this banana filled with catnip is not expensive at all.

Remember, be a good catnip dealer!


This is definitely a must-have if you want to see your Ragdoll go crazy and having the best time ever. We recently bought a cat tunnel for our Ragdoll only, since we knew that our regular house cat would not play with it anyways.

So we placed the collapsible cat tunnel in the living room for our Ragdoll. We were not sure if she would play with it either. Shame on us for doubting the mighty cat tunnel. Our Ragdoll went from 0 to 100 in not even a second.

She charged through the tunnel as fast as she could, chirping as loud as she could, we were trying to get out of the way as fast as we could, it was crazy!

Besides that our Ragdoll likes to sleep in this tunnel as well. So this toy has it all. Your Ragdoll will get a good amount of exercise and it triggers their hunting instinct.

Our Ragdoll loves to wait in the tunnel until one of us passes and then she charges out of the tunnel to scare us.

The Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel I recommend is very durable. It won´t break just because your Ragdoll decides to jump on it. In my opinion, this is a toy that every cat owner should have.

Don´t worry, of course, this tunnel is not expensive either.

Petstages Tower Of Tracks

The next best toy for Ragdoll cats is the Petstages Tower Of Tracks.

I love the simple concept of this toy because it encourages your Ragdoll to pat and chases the three balls around the circular track.

This toy offers hours of fun for your Ragdoll, and has been designed so that no ball will ever escape the multiple levels. So, stop worrying that you will lose a ball!

This toy helps your Ragdoll practice and perfect their instinctive hunting skills, as they pat and chase the balls around the circular track.

Ragdolls are prone to obesity, so help them get the exercise they need by buying this fun toy for them.

Not only will it encourage your Ragdoll to be more active, and exercise, but it will also provide them with daily mental stimulation that they need, to live a fit and healthy life.

It’s non-skid pads, and durable nature, mean that even your larger Ragdoll won’t knock it over!

Watch this cat play with the tower. It’s paw reactions are out of this world.

SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cat Toy

The SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cat Toy is so fun that even you won’t be able to stock laughing as your Ragdoll leaps about, trying to catch the prey hidden under the sheet.

Known as the ‘Hot Pursuit‘ cat toy, your Ragdolls highly intelligent brain will be put to the test as they watch the lights and wand move erratically under the durable fabric.

They won’t be able to resist trying to catch the hidden prey. And if they get too good just increase the speed of the wand and lights, to give them more of a challenge!

This electronic toy is a real winner in my books since it encourages your large Ragdoll cat to exercise, whilst also offering them hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.

I particularly love how this cat toy intrigues owners too, making them want to watch their ‘gentle giants’ play with it.

Ragdolls are incredibly sociable, so they will love their owners spending time with them, and you will quickly be impressed by your Ragdolls natural hunting, catching, and jumping skills.

Mibote 30 Piece Cat & Kitten Assorted Toys

Last, but not least is the Mibote 24 Piece Cat & Kitten Assorted Toys selection, which definitely shouldn’t be underestimated, nor overlooked if you own an older Ragdoll cat.

This large bundle of cat toys offers a wide range of activities, which encourage your Ragdoll to keep active, whilst also stimulating their intelligent brains, and playful nature.

With so many toys to play with though, I would recommend you limit how many toys are available at any one time, since it may overwhelm your Ragdoll!

Ragdolls adore spending time with their owners. They are a particularly sociable breed of cat, and genuinely prefer to stay nearby to their human family for most of the day, rather than being aloof.

The beauty of this toy selection is that owners are able to play and interact with their Ragdolls at anytime. There are so many different toys to choose from, and they all stimulate your Ragdolls mind in one way, or other.

We bought this cat toy set for our Ragdoll many years ago, and he still regularly plays with it.

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How To Entertain A Ragdoll Cat

How To Entertain A Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats are known for being extremely friendly, loving, playful, and sociable. They love to spend time with humans, either resting next to their feet, having a cuddle, or interacting with their family via play, or talking.

There are a few important things to consider, relating to the unique Ragdoll breeds needs.

a) Social Interaction

If you own a Ragdoll cat, you should make sure that you do not spend long periods of time (i.e. days/weeks) away from home, even if you have a cat sitter looking after them.

Although this breed is very hardy, independent and adaptable, their need for social interaction is real.

They get lonely, and genuinely miss having their human family around them.

b) Playtime

This particular cat breed is known for being very playful, especially as a kitten.

They are unique, however, since this playful nature continues late into their adult lives, unlike many other cat breeds.

Their highly intelligent minds also mean that they need mental stimulation on a regular basis. Failure to get such stimulation puts the wellbeing of your Ragdoll at risk.

In order to cater to the Ragdolls needs, owners should make time to play with their cat on a daily basis.

There is a wide range of cat toys that you can use to play with your Ragdoll, which can be fun for both owner and cat to watch and play with.

If you only buy one of the recommended cat toys, make it the Bergan Turbo Cat Scratcher , since this toy offers hours of playtime, mentally stimulates your Ragdoll, and also enables them to groom their claws (an essential instinctive need).

Both owner and cat will benefit from regular playtime, because cats have a calming influence on humans, helping to reduce their stress levels.

The Ragdoll also gets the mental and social interaction that they need. And, an added bonus is that playtime helps build strong bonds between the Ragdoll and its owner.

c) Exercise

These beautiful large cats are prone to obesity, so it is essential that you buy your Ragdoll cat toys that encourage them to exercise on a daily basis. Movement is key for this particular cat breed.

One easy way to encourage your Ragdoll to exercise, is by buying them an extra large cat tower.


The cat toy market is packed full of options, some good, and some bad.

The important thing to remember in regards to your Ragdoll cat, however, is that many of the advertised toys just don’t meet the unique needs of your pedigree cat.

To ensure your Ragdoll gets the exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction they need to thrive, buy your Ragdoll toys with care.

You cannot just buy any old cat toy for your Ragdoll, since many toys do not cater to your Ragdolls unique needs. They are also likely to be easily broken due to your large cat’s sheer strength and playfulness. You might be surprised to realize just how strong your Ragdoll is!

With this in mind, consider buying one (or all) of the 5 best toys for Ragdoll cats that I have discussed in detail, above. These items are high-quality items, at affordable prices. They are also an easy way to get your Ragdoll to exercise on a daily basis, whilst also mentally stimulating their highly intelligent minds.

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