5 Best Cat Toys For Maine Coon in 2022

Maine Coon cats, like most cats, can get bored quite easily. To keep your Coon active and entertained you need a toy they won’t get bored of. In this post, we will look at the best toy to keep your fluffy, Maine Coon ball of fun entertained.

A bored Maine Coon cat will scratch furniture or look to destroy something in your house to keep themselves entertained. Often a bored cat will just sleep and be sedentary which can, of course, lead to health problems like feline obesity.​

The 5 Best Maine Coon Cat Toys

Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit

Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit

The Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit is the ultimate exercise stimulator. This toy will keep your Maine Coon cat entertained for hours as they chase the ball around the track. If you’ve ever used a laser pen and seen your Maine Coon cat go crazy trying to chase the little dot, then this toy works in a similar way.

​The great thing about this Maine Coon cat toy is that unlike the laser pen where the cat can’t catch the dot, with this toy they can catch the balls.

​This toy provides great mental stimulation for your Maine Coon cat and it’s well-built so you don’t need to worry about your Coon breaking it. This is one of the better toys on the market that will work the way it’s supposed to and keep your Maine Coon entertained for many hours.


  • Mentally stimulating
  • Interactive
  • Great exercise aid
  • Well priced


  • Only available in one color

3-Way Cat Tunnel

Cats love to hide and play in small confined spaces, they feel safe and secure and it coincides with their natural environment. I’ve found out of all the toys my Maine Coon cat has used, this is one of his favorites.

​This 3-way cat tunnel is a great exercise aid and will help keep your Coon entertained as they play hide and seek with the toy at the end of each tunnel. I’ve found that it works especially well when you have a multi-cat household, they will often chase each other down the tunnels and play hide and seek.

​The only negative I could say regarding this product is regarding the build quality, they’re not the sturdiest of toys, but in some ways, that’s part of the design and purpose.


  • Interactive
  • Great exercise aid
  • Well priced


  • Not the strongest material

Pet Fit Interactive Cat Wand

Cats are attracted to anything that moves as it’s in their nature to hunt small prey, the feather cat wand is the ultimate toy to replicate this kind of behavior but in the home environment.

Your Coon will play endlessly for hours trying to chase the feather as they think it’s a small bird or animal. ​

​You can hang this on furniture and let your Coon entertain itself with the toy or you can wave the wand and watch your Coon go crazy trying to catch and bite the feather. I’ve often found Milo will lick the feather after playing with it for a while, I’m guessing he just likes a clean toy! ​


  • Encourages a cats natural instinct
  • Great exercise aid
  • Comes with 3 attachments
  • Sturdy


  • Not the cheapest wand

Cat Laser Toy

What cat doesn’t love to chase the little red dot. With this laser toy, you have two rechargeable pointers. When one is charging you have another to play with your feline friend. These pointers are even more fun in a multi-cat household. It’s fun to watch how each cat reacts to the dot.

These pointers come with three light modes, red dot, UV, and a mini flashlight. The red dot is the one you use to play with your Coon. The UV light can be used to spot counterfeit money and pet urine stains. The mini flashlight is self-explanatory, it’s a flashlight after all.

The pointers are fast charging and have no batteries to change. With this being USB, you can charge it at home in a USB wall plug like you would your phone, in the car, or even at your computer. Fully charged in one and a half hours the charge can last up to a week depending on use.

Instead of a button you push, there is a switch that you can set at the mode you want and release it. No need to hold a button down.


  • Two pointers for double the fun
  • USB rechargeable
  • Multi-mode lights
  • 100% money back, no questions asked returns or refunds


  • Can get faulty pointers

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice Cat Toy

What about mice toys. Most cats love mice toys. These have a neat feature. They squeak if you tap them, which means if your Coon bats them they will squeak. This will perk your Maine Coon’s interest even more than regular old mice toys. You get two of them so you will have enough for your multi-cat household or you can put one away for later.


  • You get two. Great for homes with multiple cats
  • Makes a mousy sound
  • Awakens your Coon’s natural hunting instinct
  • Stimulates your Coon mentally and physically


  • Contains catnip – This isn’t a con in that it is bad, but that some may not want their cats to have catnip.
  • Can get defective mice

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It’s quite difficult to choose which is the best Maine Coon cat toy as every cat is different, in this post I’ve picked the top 5 toys that I feel most Maine Coon cats will like and invariably will keep them entertained.

I’ve personally bought many toys that I thought were going to be entertaining and an exercise aid for my coon and then he just hasn’t used them as much as I would have liked. Sometimes I believe you can have too many toys and your Maine Coon cat just becomes accustomed to them and no longer finds them attractive.

Best Cat Toys For Maine Coon

I would recommend about 30 minutes play with your Maine Coon cat every day to avoid boredom and undesirable behavior.

If you have any toys that you find to work well at keeping your Maine Coon cat entertained and well-exercised, then let me know in the comments. I’d love to know what you think is the best toy for your Maine Coon.

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