The 5 Best Brushes For Siamese Cats in 2022

As a pet parent, you want what’s best for your furry friend right down to their grooming tools. While Siameses are considered to be low maintenance, you will still need to brush them from time to time. So, it’s important to ensure you know the best brushes for your Siamese cat.

Before we look at these brushes in more detail, we will cover the benefits of routine grooming of your Siamese. We’ll then go through what you should look for in a brush for your Siamese, before finally going through the pros and cons of each of the brushes in our list above.

Brushing Your Siamese Cat

Brushing Your Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are known for their silky-smooth coats that are said to shed much less than some other breeds, making them a fairly low maintenance breed where brushing is concerned. Where most domestic breeds have fur, a Siamese has what is referred to as a pelt. Unlike other cats, Siameses have one layer of velvety soft hair versus a top and bottom layer.

While Siameses are regular groomers and shed less hair, that doesn’t mean they do not shed at all. Every cat goes through cycles where their hair will shed in order to grow in a new coat. This is more prevalent during seasonal changes such as from winter into spring.

The 4 Stages

As your Siamese changes their coat, they go through four different stages, similar to other animals as well as humans. The first three stages are referred to as the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases, in which your Siamese cat’s hair will have new growth, reach full length, followed by a resting stage. The final stage is the exogen phase, when your Siamese will shed their old hair to restart the cycle.

Siameses tend to be better at grooming themselves than most other domestic breeds and will regularly lick themselves throughout the day. Their tongues are designed to be rough with small barbs that will grab loose hair as well as any other debris. Diligent grooming by your Siamese is another reason that they tend to shed less.

Washing Your Siamese

Regular grooming will also help your Siamese spread their body’s natural oils throughout their pelt, promotinghealthy skin and coat. All animals with hair or fur have special oils that are made to reduce dirt and debris buildup as well as keeping it naturally hydrated. While Siameses enjoy the water, bathing with soap too often can strip them of these oils.

Just like with humans, if you over wash your Siamese, you are in danger of removing those oils. This can lead toskin irritationand the overproduction of new oils, making them feel greasy. It can also have an opposite effect and completely dry their pelt out. If you have allergies, bathing often will not save you, as most people are allergic to their cat’s saliva, urine, oils, and dander.

Even though Siameses do shed less than other cats because of their unique pelts, routine grooming using a brush or comb can still be very beneficial. Grooming your Siamese helps establish long lasting bonds and increases socialization skills. Additionally, it will help reduce the amount of hair your Siamese ingests during grooming, preventing hairballs.

Preventing Hairballs

Much of the hair that your Siamese removes ends up in their digestive tract, which will most often pass through naturally. However, in the event too much hair builds up in the stomach and cannot be passed normally, it will form a hairball,causing your Siamese to hack this hairball up onto your floor or other surface. Routine brushing can help reduce the likelihood of hairballs in the first place.

An additional benefit tobrushing your Siamese is increased circulation of the blood vessels as well as massaging the skin. Both of these benefits will ultimately improve your Siamese’s mood, keeping stress levels low, leaving them feeling calm and relaxed. A stress-free Siamese is a happy Siamese!

Don’t Overdo It

While a routine grooming session is strongly encouraged, remember not to over do it or you can cause more harm than good to your Siamese. Their skin and pelt are still sensitive, and overbrushing can irritate the skin or cause unnecessary hair loss.Once a week or every other week with a cat brush is just the right amount. In between, you can still “groom” via gentle petting sessions.

Additionally, while brushing is a major part of keeping your Siamese well-groomed, don’t forget about their other grooming needs as well. Remember to regularly trim their nails by doing it yourself, at the groomers, or at the vet’s office. Regular vet visits can also help take care of your Siamese’s dental and ear canal needs.

What To Look For When Buying A Brush For Your Siamese

In general, when buying a cat brush, you want to consider what your pet’s needs are, as all cats, even of the same breed, are different. Your Siamese has a short and smooth pelt, meaning you will not have a need for heavy duty brushes designed for thick or long coats, but something less intense that still removes excess hair. Also consider what texture of brushes you use: rough, medium, or soft.

Consider that there are also different brushes for different jobs and that you may have to buy more than one brush. More than likely you will want a de-shedding type of brush for routine weekly brushing to remove excess hair, but you may also want to consider an everyday brush that can be used more frequently. An everyday brush is great for regular massages, stimulation, and bonding.

Do Your Research

Always be sure to research the product before purchasing to see if it is going to be the right fit for your Siamese. If possible, buy your first brush in person so that you can see and feel what different brushes have to offer and if it is right for your Siamese. You may also want to look up reviews by other pet owners and specifically Siamese owners if you can.

Your Siamese’s brush should also be made from quality materials so that they do not break easily and have to be constantly replaced. A brush should have a solid handle with a grip, and not be made of cheap hollow plastic that can snap over time. Combs and brushes with metal teeth or bristles should be galvanized or coated to help prevent rusting and breakage.

While it is unnecessary to spend an arm and a leg (or even a tail!) for a high-quality brush, you also want to avoid suspiciously cheap products. More often than not you will get what you pay for, and the brush may not last. So, spend a little extra and ensure your Siamese’s brush doesn’t need to be replaced every other week.

Different Cats Like Different Things

Different Siameses like different textures. Some will prefer a soft, gentle touch as they may have sensitive skin, and brushes with metal bristles could irritate them or even cause harm. In this case consider a brush with rubber or silicone bristles, or you can opt for sturdy metal bristles that come coated with soft tips.

Although Siameses tend to shed less, they will still need a brush that is able to handle the removal of loose and dead hair. In this instance, you will want to have a brush that is meant for hair removal and reducing shedding. There are several different de-shedding combs on the market, but just be sure to purchase one specifically for shorthair cats.

Another great grooming tool favored by pet owners and their cats is a set of grooming gloves, which can be used for everyday grooming as they are less aggressive in terms of hair removal. The gloves are made of a soft, comfortable material and equipped with soft flexible bristles that feel great on your Siamese’s pelt and acts as an extra luxurious petting session.

The 5 Best Brushes For Siamese Cats

Furminator Short Hair Deshedding Tool

Furminator Short Hair Deshedding Tool

The Furminator Deshedding tool has been around for decades and is always changing to best adapt to your pet’s personal needs. From thick haired dogs to short haired cats like your Siamese, the company has been providing high quality products that last for years when used and cared for properly.

This deshedding tool is available for short haired breeds such as your Siamese, and will help remove excess dead and loose fur from their pelt. A couple of strokes of this brush on a Siamese and you will be pleasantly surprised that all their loose hair is trapped in the comb. Because your Siamese will need this comb less often, it will last even longer too.

Comfortable For You And your Siamese cat

This brush is also comfortable for both you and your Siamese, with its tough rubber ergonomic handle and smooth curved comb that conforms to your Siamese cat’s body shape. Cleaning is also a breeze, as not only does the Furminator capture all of the hair that it brushes off, but its new design is equipped with a hair release button. Simply push the button and the hair comes off in one motion.

For your Siamese, using the Furminator once every other month between normal brushing can effectively reduce or even stop your Siamese’s shedding in its tracks.As Siamese sheds less frequently than other cats, this means virtually no hair in your home with this efficient grooming brush. This also means there is less of a chance of a hairballs forming.

When purchasing the Furminator, be absolutely sure that you are purchasing the correct model for your Siamese. This is particularly important if you are not buying from the company directly or in person at the pet store. You want to make sure it is specifically for short hair cats in order to avoid excessive hair removal as well as irritation of the skin.

If your Siamese simply does not shed much at all, you may not need the Furminator. This comb is intended mainly for those cats who shed enough that it is noticeable. For some Siameses it may actually do more harm than good by removing too much hair.However, if your little furball is leaving messes around the house this brush is for you.

Take Care With This Tool

Before using this product be sure to read the directions thoroughly and follow them directly for best results and to reduce injury. Applying too much force can cause the comb’s metal teeth to irritate the skin and even cause abrasions if not used properly. However, when used correctly, this deshedding tool is brilliant for Siameses.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Reduces shedding by up to 90%
  • Long lasting


  • May not be suitable for all Siameses
  • Could cause irritation for cats with sensitive skin

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

HandsOn grooming gloves are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so there is the perfect fit for anyone’s comfort and style. They are made of a high-quality nitrile, PVC, and nylon materials that are built to last. As a latex free product, they are also hypoallergenic for most wearers.

Designed with soft yet sturdy rubber nubs and bristles of different sizes, these make the ideal grooming tool for removing loose fur and stimulating blood flow without removing intact healthy hair. Because they are so gentle, they can be used for everyday grooming. Additionally, these gloves are made to assist in bathing and can be used to lather and scrub your Siamese when necessary.

Good For Sensitive Skin

The soft textured design of these gloves makes them ideal for Siameses with sensitive skin that do not enjoy hard bristles. This makes grooming an enjoyable experience that your Siamese cat will look forward to rather than dreading it. Positive association with grooming means less hassle for you as well, since they will not be running for the hills when they see the gloves come out!

HandsOn pet grooming gloves were designed with pets of all shapes and sizes in mind – including horses – which means they are built to last and highly versatile. They come equipped with comfortable hook and loop straps to prevent them from slipping off and fit snuggly. Once finished with grooming, they are able to be thrown into the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Fussy Cats Might Not Like Them

As the texture can be uncomfortable for some cats, and if you know you have a picky Siamese, it may be best to find a cheaper version with similar texture just to try out. If they turn out to love it, then you can buy the HandsOn gloves that will last much longer than the other options on the market.


  • Made with sensitive skin in mind
  • Great for everyday brushing
  • High quality materials


  • Not all cats like the texture

Pet Neat Grooming Brush

This comfortably designed grooming brush is designed much like the Furminator grooming comb but is a lot more gentle and less aggressive with hair removal. Equipped with a metal comb, this grooming brush will still remove dead and loose hair from your Siameses, but can be used more often than other de-shedding tools.

While this comb has metal teeth, they are more rounded and less abrasive on the skin. However, if your Siamese likes a good rough scratch this is still the perfect brush for them. They can enjoy a deep exfoliating brushing without damaging their skin. It is even gentle enough that your Siamese can rub their face on it without risk of injury.

A More Affordable Choice

Generally speaking, this brush is also considered to be a budget purchase as it usually runs at a lower price than comparable products. This makes it a good investment to test out on your Siamese to see how they like it. Additionally, it has a comfortable shape that fits nicely in your hand and includes a soft rubber grip.

Although it is cheaper than other products, it is still made of a sturdy plastic material and is not hollow on the inside. The Pet Neat brush comes equipped with a detachable comb head for easy cleaning. When not in use, it also comes with a protective cover to ensure the comb lasts and does not get exposed to the elements.

Just remember that every pet will be different and you will ultimately have to learn what is too much for your Siamese cat. If your Siamese tends to have sensitive skin with combs or even rough bristles, this brush may be too much for them. But generally, this is a great brush for Siamese cats.


  • Budget option
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great for Siameses that like rougher brushes


  • Not the most effective tool for de-shedding
  • Not for Siameses with sensitive skin

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush With Tips

The Hertzko brand slicker brush is a very sturdy and well-built self-cleaning slicker brush. Other brands tend to have much cheaper plastic handles and metal bristles that rust or break easily, potentially causing injuries. Hertzko’s high quality comfortable rubber grip makes brushing a breeze, and it now comes with gentle plastic tips to reduce irritation.

Hertzko’s slicker brush model has tightly set, sturdy metal bristles that are slightly bent in order to efficiently remove loose dead hairs, dander, and other debris. Additionally, because the bristles are tightly set, they comb through each individual hair and help spread your Siamese’s natural oils for a smooth, shiny coat. The rubber tips make for a much gentler experience than previous models.

Easy Cleaning

After brushing your Siamese, you will notice the bristles effectively trap all of the loose hairs and prevents any from floating off, making cleanup much easier. To dispose of the hair, you simply have to push the fur release button on the back of the brush which will remove the hair in one collected mat.

This brush is great for both Siameses who love a rougher touch as well as those with more sensitive skin. The bristles are great at getting in deep and giving your Siamese that extra scratch they may love, but at the same time the plastic tips make it possible for Siameses with sensitive skin to enjoy it as well. Depending on the pressure used this brush can be very versatile.

Don’t Overbrush

While the added plastic tips are a great addition in helping ease the amount of irritation to sensitive skin, you will still want to avoid over brushing. Brushing too often with this brush can still cause brush burn over time, especially if you are applying a fair amount of pressure. It’s also still a grooming brush and removes hair, and should only be used once a week at most.

Most customers also like how the brush fits into their hands with its soft rubber grip that is also thicker than most handles. The thicker handle also has an added thumb rest that helps relieve pressure during longer grooming sessions. While grooming a Siamese shouldn’t be an overly physical task, it is still nice to know your hand and wrist can rest comfortably.


  • Added plastic tips for comfort and protection for your Siamese cat
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable to use


  • Plastic tips may come off with long-term use

CeleMoon Ultra-Soft Silicone Brush

If you have a Siamese with sensitive skin that is also incredibly picky about their brushes, the CeleMoon Ultra-Soft Silicone brush may be the right fit. This brush, unlike most, is made entirely of silicone and is comfortable for you and your Siamese. Soft to the touch and with a comfortable grip, you can smoothly glide across your Siamese’s pelt.

The soft silicone will never scratch or irritate your Siamese’s skin and will instead gently massage it while it brushes through their fur. While it is gentle, it will also still remove any loose or dead hair that appears during your Siamese’s normal shedding cycles. However, it will not pull or remove healthy hair and can be used more frequently than other grooming brushes.

Easy To Clean

The CeleMoon is also easy to clean by simply pulling off the hair in a perfectly formed mat and then washing under running water. Because it is also water resistant and cannot rust, regular rinsing of the brush will not damage it. Additionally, it actually doubles as a bathing brush and can be used for your Siamese’s occasional bath with mild soap and water.

Best of all, this brush is great for everyday brushing and not just limited to your usual grooming routine of once a week. Because it is so gentle and does not remove an excess amount of hair, you can enjoy giving your Siamese daily petting sessions, spoiling them with a relaxing massage. This will help increase blood flow, distribute oils, and strengthen your bond with your Siamese cat.


  • Great for everyday brushing
  • Doubles as a bathing brush
  • Easy to clean


  • Not the most powerful hair remover
  • Doesn’t always contain all the hair

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Final Thoughts

While all of these brushes are great for Siamese cats, the Furminator Deshedding Tool is the best choice. Brushing your Siamese is incredibly beneficial, supporting a healthy coat, stimulating blood flow, reducing stress, and strengthening your bond with your Siamese cat.Remember to try out a few options to find the right fit that makes grooming an enjoyable experience for both you and your Siamese cat.

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