The 6 Best Treats For Bengal Cats In 2022

If you own a Bengal, you know how endlessly curious and entrancing they are as felines. Because of this, you want your Bengal to have the best treats possible that are made for their specific athletic build, lean structure, and predisposition to require more movement than other cats. Understanding the proper diet for your Bengal is imperative to them living a long and healthy life.

The 6 best treats for Bengal cats are selected based on the fact that they include a low caloric worth and high protein value. Bengal cats are not created for an oversized body or obesity, which will only lower their serotonin and cause them to become depressed. Their lean frame requires a balanced diet and only minimal treats which would make up about 5-10% of their entire diet.

Knowing how to control your Bengal’s diet carefully is not tricky, but also not obvious. This guide will show you which treats are healthy for your Bengal, how to create a raw diet, and which treats are downright dangerous. Besides, we all know giving our cat the best treats are the secret to earning their undying devotion and love.

How to Choose the Best Treats for Bengal Cats

How to Choose the Best Treats for Bengal Cats

First, I want to reiterate that you mustn’t create an entire diet of treats for your baby. I have three myself and understand wanting to spoil them.

Bengal will be the first to let you know when they want something, and this includes a treat. Don’t let them walk all over you or pressure you into giving them dozens of treats just because they love them.

This will only reward bad behavior and crying. Like a child, you do not give in to the Bengal’s every want and desire, or else you will have a certified brat on your hands. And possibly a fat one too.

Bengal cats need a diet of 70-80% dry food with wet food mixed into that equation about 10-15% (maybe once or twice a week), and then the remaining 5-10% for treats.

We will discuss the best types of treats on the market that you can purchase, home remedies, owners attempting a raw diet, and more.

You will need a breakdown that goes something like this – (with a meat product being at least first or second on the ingredients list).

  • At least 30% protein
  • Carbohydrates second at around 25-30%
  • Fiber – at least 1-3%
  • Vitamins – 1-5%
  • Minerals – 5-6%

The best treats for your Bengal will be those with high-protein and little to no filler. Even the most dominant and reputable brands have fillers, so many opt for a completely raw diet for their Bengal. We will discuss that in a later section.

Treats should be heavy on meat because bottom line – Your Bengal is a carnivore.

Avoid grains and veggie-based meals as it could result in your Bengal not getting enough sustenance or protein for their active and busy lifestyles. Things to look out for on the label of ingredients:

  • Grains include – rice, barley, wheat, etc.
  • Starches include – carrots, potatoes, peas, etc.

Giving your Bengal cat too many grains and starches can lead to many major health issues or worse. But you’re here and reading this guide, so you’re already a step above those cat owners that don’t care enough to know these things.

The 6 Best Treats for Bengal Cats

Japanese Bonito Flakes

The 7 Best Treats for Bengal Cats

These funny little snacks actually for humans and animals which many are using this product solely for their cat.

Bonito is a popular fish in Japanese culture. The flavored flakes are known as katsuobushi and are very salty and sharp, often used for soup bases in Asian countries.

Be sure to wash your hands after this one as it will smell quite strong of fish. In general, cats love devouring this and loving it to pieces.

This product was found through a discussion forum where Bengal owners were attempting to find a snack that they’re Bengal would chew. Many Bengal owners agreed, yes they devour things whole. But this is a meat-based product that will give them protein, and they’ll have to chew!

FELINE GREENIES Dental Cat Treats Oven Roasted

This is a wonderful option for your Bengal because every flavor comes in a meat variety such as salmon, tuna, or chicken. It also is suitable for their dental health, which is vital as the Bengal is known to require more oral upkeep than other felines or they can develop issues.

This is the trade-off for their fur being so much easier to groom than other breeds I suppose. These treats are natural and pet owners rave about them on most retail sites.

Affordable and large quantity, these are the perfect treat to give your Bengal when you’re training them to walk on a leash or do tricks.

The positive reward and reinforcement will be healthy for them and for fun. Don’t overdo it with any treats, under five a day is the recommended.

Halo Grain Free Natural Wet Cat Food, Turkey Recipe

Halo Grain Natural is a great food for your Bengal. Wet food is the perfect treat for your Bengal when you want to show them how much you love them. Many recommend saving the can for about 2-3 servings, so only scoop out a little at a time. Wrap the rest in a baggie in the fridge. Don’t serve after three days of being opened.

This brand is highly regarded by most cat owners, and it’s 100% grain-free.

Considering your Bengal needs a highly meat-based diet, this is a great way to break up some of the monotony of their dry food diet.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Crunchy Cat Treat

Blue Buffalo is a wonderful brand that I use for all 3 of my kitten babies. They’re not Bengal, but they’re active and need something grain-free for their busy lifestyles.

This is a highly reputable brand in which many say their cat sees improvement in digestive issues, no more diarrhea, healthier spring in their step, and a shinier fur coat.

Knowing all of this, I can personally vouch for this brand and that within two weeks, we noticed a difference in our Bengal cats’ coats.

This pack comes with three different flavors and even depicts a bob-cat like a creature on the cover. Resembling a Bengal more than most cats, these more significant than average felines need the best of the best to maintain their athletic form.

Simply Perfection Super Premium Grain-Free Salmon Entree-Flaked

This is another excellent gravy option where you can understand all of the ingredients on the back and don’t feel like you’re feeding your Bengal a test-lab of substances.

Grain-free is what we are seeking here, and the box is checked. You’ll need to know what flavor your Bengal will appreciate most.

Definitely check out Simply Perfection if you want a high-quality food solution for your Bengal cat.

INABA Churu Lickable Purée Natural Cat Treats

This adorable snack is a wonderful option that is much less work than the homemade treat but very similar in context!

Similar to the popular human snack of go-gurt, these funny little tubes are filled with a meat puree that your Bengal will love. It’s hilarious to see the pictures of these cats enjoying the go-gurt-like tube.

The ingredient list is perhaps the best part of all and the smallest list you’ll see. Smaller than anything in your local grocery store or Petco.

The ingredients are just meat puree, vitamin E, and green tea extract.

An excellent and healthy snack that will make your Bengal feel they’re back in the temple life of luxury.

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Final Thoughts

If your Bengal refuses to eat other wet food or dry food brands, don’t give up. All cats are incredibly picky eaters and need to be treated like the fur-babies they are.

Try a few different brands and give them a few eating tests with each to see if they need a moment to get used to the smell and taste.

Keep in mind the proper health value percentages and what high-grain contents to be avoided.

Knowing how to care for your Bengal will give them the happiest and healthiest life possible. Now that you’ve got a better understanding of what your Bengal requires digestively, you can focus on more time running through the fields and find catnip together.