14 Awesome Toys For Persian Cat In 2022

Welcome to this great list of the 14 best toys you can get for your beloved Persian cat.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the best toys you can buy on a popular online retail site. These toys were carefully selected based on:

  • Their reviews
  • Their pricing
  • Their ability to make your Persian happy
  • The ability to keep your Persian entertained and provide some good exercise when you are away.

These toys are colorful and fun, and easy to pick up and put away once your Persian is tired out. Or if you are like me and my cats, they slide under the couch until somebody goes under there and pushes them out.

Either way, our goal of this post is to see you and your Persians having some fun.



Persian cats are known for their cuteness, but they, like all other cats, are regal and reserved. Cats generally do not play as dogs do-they prefer not to run around with a slobbery ball in their mouths or happily fetching sticks for their owners.

They may rather sit around on a nice patch of sunlight or take in the breeze near a screen door. But this does not mean that your Persian should miss out on playtime. Cats love to be stimulated mentally and physically and have a good time playing with their owners.

But when it comes to cats, play is not just a fun activity to pass the time.

For cats that are in the wild, the act of playing is a serious thing because it helps kittens and young cats learn about hunting, especially the important skills of stalking, chasing and trapping their target.

If your Persian is an indoor kitty, the basic instinct to hunt is still present. Even the most domesticated cats have it in them. This is why it is critical for you to give the furry, purry members of your family chance to express the behaviors that are just there by nature.

It’s fun to play with your Persian and encourages healthy behaviors.

Play provides much-needed exercise for cats, especially the indoor ones. Playing on a regular basis can help your Persian stay active and maintain a healthy weight.

Interactive play between yourself and your Persian friend may prevent behavior issues that arise from boredom. Also, play is just a fun way for you to interact with your Persian and create a strong bond.


You do not need to have a load of bright and shiny toys or expensive feline gadgets to keep your Persian entertained and having fun. Our list features a bunch of fun and affordable toys for you and your Persian.

If you have a ping pong ball that you’re not using, even that can be a fun cat toy.

You should always make sure that the toys you choose for your Persian are appropriate for their age and also safe. Make sure that any toy you choose cannot be swallowed by your Persian.

Be sure that toys do not have any small parts, buttons or strings that can be bitten and swallowed.

The eyes of some toy mice that we feature in this article, for example, were picked off by most users and discarded so that no cats swallowed them.

Plenty of cats enjoy pouncing on toys that move or feature a feather or bell on the end of the object. This is a great way to play with your Persian, as she feels like she is hunting some small prey.

You can drag the end of the toy along the floor for the cat, and she will chase it. Vary up the speed and the direction of which you pull the toy.

Do not make it too easy. Let her win once in a while so that she feels confident and good about her hunting ability. Make sure you offer praise and ear scratches too.

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You can also enjoy some of our lightweight selections for your Persian. Kittens or kitties who have limited strength will really love these toys.

You can enjoy mylar balls that are crinkly and pleasing to the ears or some foam soccer balls that cats will love to bat around.

You can also invest in some small toys that feature catnip inside for some more exciting herbal fun. These can keep cats occupied for hours, in some cases.

You do not even have to spend any money on a toy for your Persian if you don’t want to. You can ball up an old piece of paper as long as it is not too small to be swallowed. Cats enjoy batting them around.

Cats also love a cardboard box or paper bag. You can set it down and they will crawl into it and use it as a safe hiding place.

Bonus if you have two cats-when one scares the other accidentally it is funny! Seriously, even big cats in the wild love cardboard boxes.

Google “tiger and cardboard box” and check out the videos of tigers playing. Your Persian will love it too.

Another thing you must do when playtime is over is put all toys away for your Persian. If a toy is always around, it will become not as special, and your Persian may very well become bored with it.

Set aside fifteen minutes a day, if you can, to play with your Persian. If she wants to play a little longer and you have the time, go for it.

Don’t force playtime if your Persian is not into it. If you’ve got more than one kitty in the household, make sure your Persians all have the chance to play and participate.

Indeed, playtime is super important for many reasons.

You not only keep your Persian young and well-exercised, but you will improve her stamina, agility, and of course the precious bond you have between you and your Persian.


  • Exercise. While cats sleep a lot during the day, it is so important that your Persian gets some good exercise as well. This will keep your Persian happy and healthy.
  • It’s Funny. Cats are funny creatures, go anywhere on the Internet and watch the cat videos! You will be smiling your whole way through playtime when you get together with your Persian and bust out the laser pointer.
  • You bond. Sure, your Persian thinks of herself as a tiger, hunting down all the toys and making sure they don’t escape. But playing will help your Persian release tension and aggression. If your Persian is anxious due to a change in household, play will help them feel better. It’s great for socializing kittens and keeping them sharp and smart.

Now it’s time…. check out these fun toys that your Persian is sure to enjoy.




Enter Da Bird! This is a fun toy that is colorful and will keep you and kitty entertained for hours. This is a good quality and durable toy that cats just get a huge kick out of.

If your Persian is the sort that loves to play with strings and other dangly objects, this toy is going to be a fun experience for the whole family.

It is a great way for your Persian to satisfy the need to hunt and pounce, and for you to get some smiles out of the deal. It is handmade right in the USA. The feathers look and feel just like real bird wings.

Even chubby cats who may need some exercise and do not like to play with younger counterparts will get up and get moving. One user reported her overweight senior cat was playing, which is great for both owner and cat!


  • Handmade for great quality
  • Pole is 36 inches long not too short or too long
  • You can buy fun accessories like the Sparkly to go with it – our personal favorite!


  • You have to buy refills for the toy after they wear out.
  • Feathers could poke a kitty and cause pain.
  • Aggressive kitties may break Da Bird very easily, especially if he or she is a big one.



Super bright and super fun, this toy will make cats of all ages jump for joy.

Three balls spin and roll around, making cats wonder where they went and getting that sense of hunting up. The balls and the toy are brightly colored and feature fun patterns like polka dots.

The balls stay in place, so you do not trip over them or accidentally vacuum them up when cleaning. The toy requires no batteries and cats can just play with it sitting down or moving around.

It’s a fun way to entertain cats who may have trouble getting around.

You will have a fun time watching your Persians chase the ball around, and the laughs are nonstop. They will love it and you will too.

This is a great way to stimulate mental and physical behaviors in cats and keep them smart and sharp.


  • Balls stay right in place
  • Cats who are visually impaired do not have to lose a beloved ball
  • Rubber feet keep it still


  • Balls can become dislodged
  • Replacement balls are hard to find
  • One user reported the paint chipping off.



If you never understood why the “red dot” memes about cats and dogs were so funny online, now you will know.

This cool diamond tower is a fun way for your Persians to get exercise and practice their need to hunt. The laser pointer goes at three different speeds, so you can set it up for cats who move fast or cats who do not.

It looks really cool when not in use in your home-like a fancy tech gadget, almost. The patterns are randomized and go 360 degrees, so cats get a full workout and loads of fun when playing.

Cats of all ages love the “red dot” and your Persian is no exception.


  • You can adjust the speed to fast or slow for your Persian’s needs
  • Laser goes in different directions to keep cats guessing and excited
  • It is interesting to see your Persian try to think ahead to see where the light will go.


  • No auto timer for use while away at work
  • Tips over easily
  • Batteries were not included


Persians need to scratch. Persians love to play! Let’s get the most bang for our bucks and go for this cool scratch and play combo. Plenty of happy users numbering in the thousands have bought this for their feline family members and have been very happy about it.

It comes in varying colors and has a fun ball in a channel on the outside ring your Persian will push around.

And instead of heading toward the couch or wood fixtures in the home, your Persian will satisfy her need to scratch on this corrugated cardboard which is safe, eco-friendly and good for kitties and your sanity.


  • Blind or visually impaired cats will have a ball at their fingertip
  • Cats even love to sit on it!
  • Great to sprinkle catnip on in the corrugated cardboard.


  • You have to replace the cardboard centers frequently if you have many cats.
  • Some cats pop out the ball in the channel.
  • Slides around easily, may need rubber feet for the bottom.


This is a fun and safe rainbow toy that almost reminds you of what rhythm gymnasts use in their performances. This is a fun and durable toy that is safe and good for cats of any ages.

There are no small parts attached so you do not need to worry about kitty swallowing anything harmful. It’s nice and long so all the cats can get in on the fun.

It cannot be broken, so even if playtime gets crazy, there’s no need to worry about the toy shattering or breaking.

Cats will love getting their exercise and chasing this colorful ribbon! It’s nice and durable so even the toughest Persians will not rip or tear this lovely charmer.

The soft fleece is gentle for cats and humans alike. Almost no cat can resist a cat charmer !


  • Rainbow and easy to find for playtime, any time
  • Provides cats the need to hunt and pounce on slow moving targets
  • Works for cats of all ages


  • Not great for visually impaired cats
  • Some owners report cats choking on the toy. Be sure to put away ALL toys when your Persian is done playing.
  • Some users report the material ripped easily.


These toys are a simple and fun throwback that has been around for ages. Cats of all sizes and years love them to pieces. If your Persians are like ours, they love crinkly shopping bags made of plastic or gift bags.

This, of course, is not safe, but the need to play with a crinkly, colorful and safe toy is satisfied.

Plus, you can get these in a pack of 12, so your Persians will never be without a fun toy to play with. They are lightweight so even kittens can play with them. They are made of strong mylar.

Some users even reported their cats taking the balls in their mouths around the house which was very funny and cute for the owners to see. Cats of all ages can play at their own pace.


  • Keeps cats away from colorful Christmas ornaments and shopping bags
  • Cannot be swallowed by the average cat
  • Cats love the balls and the crinkling sound


  • Colors run on these balls, say some users
  • Can easily get stuck under couches, fridges, and beds
  • Some cats shred these and may swallow the pieces


All cats, even Persians, love to hunt and need to satisfy that urge to do so. That’s where this SmartyKat toy comes in. This innocent looking disc mimics hidden prey and cats love to chase after it, hoping to catch whatever’s inside.

It comes in a nice baby blue color that is easy on the eyes for cats and humans alike. The feathered toy on the outside goes around and around, making your Persian get in some exercise and have fun in the process.

your Persian will love the flashing lights, and the moving lights, as well as the erratic motions, will encourage your Persian to play again and again.

The fabric is nice and durable, so even your so-called “tough guys” will have a hard time breaking this down.


  • You can choose from two speeds
  • Great for cats of all ages
  • You can pick up different attachments for the “target” the cats chase


  • Some users report cats getting bored during the periods where the toy stops
  • Batteries run out quickly
  • Some users report that the motor died shortly after the product arrived


This scratcher has bell balls inside which makes it even more fun when it is time for your Persian to get his or her scratches in. It is made of paper that is non-toxic and corrugated, so cats can sink their claws into this biodegradable and eco-friendly toy.

Two or more kitty cats can play at the same time. There is also catnip inside, so that will add to the smiled and the joy that the pets and their owners feel when they play.

Your Persians will enjoy climbing on it and some cats who are strong enough can tip it over, which they might enjoy.

The trapped balls inside mean you do not have to worry about losing a ball or vacuuming it up, and if you have a cat whose eyesight is failing, they will have a place to smell and scratch, as well as play.


  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Great for cats and kittens of all ages and sizes
  • Balls inside will not come loose or get lost


  • Cats may not react to catnip
  • Cats can push the scratcher around which may be annoying
  • Maybe too lightweight for cats to dig into.


If your Persian is the apple of your eye, this banana is going to be the toy for you. This is a 7-inch toy, so it is easy to hold and play around with. Cats will love to hold onto it and gnaw at it.

The bananas are stuffed with organic and wonderful catnip, sure to extract a funny and cute reaction from your Persian.

The fabric of the banana is durable cotton twill fabric, uses only soy or vegetable dyes, and are of course natural and non-toxic. This is a product that will spark a sense of play and joy in even a senior cat.

The bananas come in a zipper-style bag and cats will absolutely go nuts over it. The bananas are stuffed to the brim with catnip and your Persians will smell it through the packing envelope!


  • Gets even older cats playing and exercising
  • Catnip is all organic and safe
  • Colors used in banana are natural and vegetable based


  • Aggressive cats may rip seams easily
  • Gets wet easily as cats drool on the toy
  • Cats can bite holes into the toy.


Do you want your Persian to become good at soccer like Pele? Do you want a classic and fun toy that is not noisy or light-up? We can’t promise your Persian will be scoring goals like a soccer great, but we do know they will have fun with these classic soccer ball toys.

These are nice and lightweight, so cats who are very young or very old will enjoy playing with these toys. They come in a variety of colors to keep cats entertained and looking around.

They bounce easily so cats will be even more entertained watching them go downstairs or around furniture.

They are nice and easy for cats to carry in their mouths, so playtime can happen anywhere.


  • Small, about the size of a ping pong ball
  • Come in packs of 12
  • Some cats even learn to “fetch” with these balls


  • Some cats can bite through the foam.
  • Can get stuck easily under the fridge or a desk
  • Some users reported the balls had a strange odor presumably from manufacturing about them.


This will keep your Persian entertained and digging for treasure, which stimulates mental health and keeps your Persian sharp. After all, Persians are already gorgeous – let’s keep them smart and sharp also.

What we liked about this tool is that it is fun, but it is a slow feeding solution. If you have a cat that needs to lose weight, this is a way to help them pace their eating so that they do not eat too much.

They can also have some fun digging for their food and “hunting” for it. The pawing of food prevents eating too much and is a natural thing that some cats do.

The differing sizes of tubes make it fun and challenging for your Persian. The base is stable and sloped, so spills are prevented.


  • Great for overweight cats
  • Provides fun and stimulation, and food
  • Can be combined with other products by CatIt


  • Cats may pull out food cups-they are smart!
  • Cats can knock over the dish easily and eat the food that way.
  • Users reported that some cats became bored of the dish


This cool toy spins erratically and cats just love it, even Persians! The spinning feathers look like a crazy bird that any cat would love to catch and pounce on.

The pattern at which this thing spins is unpredictable, so the laughs and the smiles as well as the good exercise your Persian needs will be never-ending.

The motor is nice and quiet so cats will not be nervous or scared about the toy. You can get replacement wands in case of a break. And the toy is eco-friendly too, as the ball is made with recycled plastic.

You will need 2 AA batteries to power this thing, but those are not included. The toy will shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity.


  • The base is weighted so it wobbles, but does not fall
  • The toy goes on and off with just a push of a button
  • It is safe for kids and pets alike


  • You need 2 AA batteries to make it run
  • Feathers can poke kitties
  • Some cats can knock it over.


Whoa! Does your cat family need a big variety of fun toys to stay entertained while you are away? If so, this bundle is a great deal and will keep the whole Persian gang engaged.

There are a whole variety of fun toys here that cats of all ages will love. You get a mix of great toys that are classic and will be enjoyed by cats at all stages of life. your Persian will not get bored when you’re away!

There are toys made of feathers, catnip, a few mylar balls, and even some shiny balls and bell balls too. Some toys are fun to scratch, others to bat around and chew. The toys are just the right size for carrying around and have a ton of variety.


  • Good mix of mice, balls, jingle bells and catnip
  • Large lot of 20 toys to share with all pets
  • Fun to watch your Persian choose their favorite toy


  • Many of these toys are duplicates of each other-e.g. You get four jingle balls.
  • These are small enough to lose under a fridge or a sofa.
  • Some users reported only getting 16 or so toys in the pack.


This might just be the greatest gift idea for a pet lover or new Persian owner we’ve seen in a while Our favorite part was the fun green tunnel that featured dangly toys the kitties could play with.

The cats will have fun chasing each other through the tunnel and playing with the dangling toys.

Furthermore, you get loads of fun extras in here too. There are the great mylar balls that cats seem to just love, a few fun mice, a teaser string, and some jingle bells too.

Our favorite was the rainbow balls, fun and classic and great for all ages.

Indeed, it’s a great mix of toys and wonderful if you’ve got a big family to entertain!


  • Comes with a fun kitty tunnel!
  • Plenty of toys to go around and features a big variety
  • Fun for kittens to play and exercise.


  • It is recommended you remove all eyes and ears and noses from toys as cats can swallow them.
  • Tunnel smells strange, probably from manufacturing.
  • Some users reported getting duplicates of items instead of a variety to meet the product count.

So, our bottom line? Pick up any one of these 14 best toys for Persian cats and enjoy the fun with your Persian cat!

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