Food Bowls for Maine Coon Cats – Our Top 5

The Maine Coons are highly distinguishable due to its regal-looking face. This cat breed generally attracts numbers of cat lovers out there. They basically fell in love with the Maine Coons may be because of its look that resembles more of a human and babyish. But, the shape of their face greatly affects the way they eat despite the various food bowls for Maine Coons available.

We reviewed here 5 of the best food bowls suitable for Maine Coons. Aside from that, we will also share to you how frequent you need to feed a Maine Coon. Moreover, if you want to buy food bowls for your furry feline companion, we have here some of the things that you might need to consider before buying one.


Out there in the market, you will find bountiful food varieties that may excite your cat’s taste buds. Give your Maine Coon a small amount of food or the inappropriate type of diet and for sure he will not keep up the good health. Meanwhile, feed the Maine Coons with too many amounts of food and he will grow bigger.

But, as a pet owner, there is a way for you to help your Maine Coon get on track by setting up a regular feeding schedule. Moreover, you need to feed your Maine Coon with a complete and well-balanced meal using food bowls for Maine Coons on a specific frequency or time period. Below are the factors that generally affect the frequency of feeding a Maine Coon.


Maine Coon kittens generally demand more amount of food per pound of body weight. This will generally aim to aid in their growth compared to adult Maine Coons. That’s why; Maine Coon kittens must be given food more often within the whole day. Basically, the three meals per day are the average meal of kittens until six months old.

Perhaps, from that six months kitty age to one year, cats including the Maine Coons may be better when given meals in twice a day basis. And, at one year of age, the feeding requirement for an adult cat is good on once or twice a day schedule. Moreover, the senior ones aging seven years old and above should keep the same feeding frequency. Bear in mind that once a day feeding for adult cats is generally better provided that they are healthy and there is no health issue that they are facing.


Generally, the health of the feline may greatly affect the way and how often they should be fed. Cats suffering from diabetes must be provided with a meal based on the time of insulin administration which varies on the type. For this, it is better to consult the veterinarian about this matter.

Moreover, in case the cat has hyperthyroidism, eating most of the time may actually be a habit. So, the best thing to do with it is to mitigate the disease, if treatable, and feed the cat in a normal manner. Some cat breeds develop gum problems as they grow older.


The frequency of feeding your Maine Coon may also vary on your own personal schedule. The early part of the day may be too busy for you as you will have to go to work and do other errands. Within those situations, it would be better if you feed your Maine Coon at night when you are not that busy. But, if you keep yourself busy during the night, feed your cat early in the morning before everyone gets up.

The key here is to look for an appropriate feeding schedule that fits for both of you and your Maine Coon and do it consistently. In a household where there are lots of cats, not all cats around there would come out for dinner. This makes it hard for others to get food not until if the food is left out all throughout. Moreover, there are some cats that eat a lot when food is freely available.

With this, you need to have a concrete plan for feeding various numbers of cats. You can consider feeding them on a separate time schedule. Another option is to let them eat at the same time but in different areas of the house. This way, feeding would work for every cat present inside the house.



Since feeding the Maine Coons may be affected by their brachycephalic structure and dental concerns, looking for food bowls that may, at least, help to address those concerns is a good idea. Aside from that, you should also take into account the following factors before you buy food bowls for Maine Coons.


Another important thing to take note when looking for the food bowls for Maine Coons is the size. Some cat breeds are susceptible to overeating making the large-sized food bowl a no good. Aside from that, if you have multiple cats at home, most of them love to eat together in one bowl. Knowing this, look for food bowls for Maine Coons that could accommodate more than one feline.


Most cats are experiencing whisker fatigue which contributes to the difficulty of feline’s eating at dinner time. This cat’s condition may be very challenging for you and your Maine Coon that’s why you should buy the food bowls for Maine Coons that aim to lower the possibility of whisker fatigue.

Remember that it is actually better to feed your Maine Coon on food bowls that may help them feel comfortable during eating. Doing this may help them to prevent acquiring health problems over time.


Basically, the non-slip feature of the food bowls for Maine Coons pertains to both dishes that stay in place on the floor when the cat is eating and dishes that help the food to get stuck within the corners of the food bowl. Going after non-stick food bowls for Maine Coons reduces the mess during a feeding session. At the same time, it also results in lesser waste of food.

Moreover, when we speak of food bowls for Maine Coons moving within the floor, keep in mind that the weight of the dish is an essential thing to take into account. The grip of the base of the bowl is also important as it will guarantee good contact on the floor.


Generally, the design of the food bowls for Maine Coons is a great help to alleviate joint problems encountered by your cat companion. Choose a design that is not disrupting the present joint condition that your Maine Coon is experiencing. Moreover, consider the comfort that your cat companion may get from the design of the food bowl. For example, a raised or an elevated one is a good choice.

You could also consider looking for shallow food bowls for Maine Coons. Basically, cats are fond of eating in a shallow and wide bowl in order for them not to dip their head on the bowl while eating. In addition, deep food bowls for Maine Coons may make the whiskers more intense. Also, the flat face structure of the Maine Coons contributes to their difficulty of eating on a deep food bowl which will lead to feline’s distress during eating.


One of the important factors to consider when you plan to buy food bowls for Maine Coons, it is very crucial to know the frequency of cleaning it. Generally, most pet food bowls are a good environment for unwanted bacterial growth. That’s why it is very much important if it can be washed most of the time.

Food bowls for Maine Coons made out of plastic materials are highly susceptible to wear and tear. So, if you still opt for this kind of food bowls for Maine Coons, the best one to choose is a coated plastic food bowl.

Moreover, the ceramic food bowls for Maine Coons can easily break especially when they are being moved. The best thing to consider for this type of food bowl is the dishwasher safe feature. This is highly applicable for pet owners who are not used on doing dishes.

There is also the collapsible type of food bowls for Maine Coons which is the best one to choose when travelling. It generally has a lightweight feature making it convenient to bring as you go.




One of the best food bowls for Maine Coons is the UPSKY Peto Raised Cat Food Bowl. It contains an excellent magnet which is suitable for adjusting the position of the food bowl based on the good feeding posture. With this amazing tilt feature, the UPSKY Peto Raised Cat Food Bowl highly provides eating with great ease and licking with excellent comfort. Moreover, the raised stand structure that it has promotes good digestive health of the Maine Coons. It has a removable feature making the cat food bowl easy to clean and conveniently add food. The surface is slightly inclined so that the food will not spill out. Lastly, UPSKY Peto Raised Cat Food Bowl comes from premium-grade melamine which is safe for the cats.

Generally, the UPSKY Peto Raised Cat Food Bowl helps to decrease the pressure on the neck of the Maine Coons as they eat due to its tilted and elevated feature. It has a removable bottom that contributes to ease of cleaning. Moreover, eating on this kind of food bowls for Maine Coons prevents sliding while eating as it has non-slip rubber feet. Because of this, the UPSKY Peto Raised Cat Food Bowl is actually the best buy.


  • Easy to clean
  • With anti-slip and anti-spill feature
  • Made of high-quality material


  • Not to be used as a water bowl
  • Magnet breaks out easily



Dr. Catsby Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowl is one of the best food bowls for Maine Coons with a wide and shallow dish. These features prevent the cat food to get stuck as well as preventing overfeeding at the same time because of its size. Eating on this cat food bowl produces an enjoyable and exciting feeding experience as they do not need to pull back the whiskers. Moreover, the shape of the dish allows the food to stay in the center.

The materials used for making the Dr. Catsby Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowl come from food-grade stainless steel which seems to be more hygienic compared to plastic. Aside from that, it produces non-toxicity and is non-allergic to cats. It is actually safe for Maine Coons as it does not absorb bacteria which are basically good in preventing feline acne. Additionally, the stainless steel material is highly durable and provides ease of cleaning.

The maintenance is also very convenient as well. Simply put it on the dishwasher or just rinse it with warm water on a regular basis and you have it clean already. Dr. Catsby Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowl also features a non-slip silicone base preventing the sliding of the bowl on the floor. It actually holds the cat food bowl in place and also serves as a good feeding territory marker for your Maine Coon.


  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Removable anti-skid silicone bottom
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Very shallow
  • The food easily gets out of the bowl


Another food bowl for Maine Coons that promote good eating habit for the felines is the Y YHY Ceramic Tilted Cat Food Bowl. Felines that eat on this elevated food bowl can eat in a better position which prevents cat’s vomiting. The food is kept in the center of the dish due to its tilted angle feature. Moreover, the Y YHY Ceramic Tilted Cat Food Bowl is highly suitable for flat-shaped face cats like the Maine Coons.

The Y YHY Ceramic Tilted Cat Food Bowl contains 8 pieces of non-slip rubber feet to prevent the bowl from sliding around the floor during eating. At the same time, this feature prevents the cat’s mess as well. The ceramic material of this food bowl is approved by the FDA which is a good indication that the Y YHY Ceramic Tilted Cat Food Bowl does not have any lead and cadmium content. Its anti-corrosion and the rustproof feature should also be credited on the ceramic material that it has.

Additionally, the bowl has an elevation that basically prevents the cat to intake too much air thus also cut down feline’s vomiting incidence. Another benefit of using this elevated cat bowl is that it maintains the alignment of the cat’s neck and protects the spine of your Maine Coon. Since it is made of ceramic material, this food bowl tends to be cleaner without letting the growth of any bacteria.


  • The elevated design makes the swallowing of the food more easily and helps in preventing vomiting.
  • It contains 5-inches width tilt angle to avoid the cat food from pushing off the bowl and making it easy for the cat to eat.
  • Moreover, the elevation level is on a standard height which lowers the neck pressure of the Maine Coon as they eat on a natural position. Due to this, the cat can sit and eat in a comfortable manner.
  • The base comes in a stable and wider feature making the Maine Coon eating more secure without worrying of any mess.
  • Made a highly durable ceramic material for a microwave and dishwasher safe feature.


  • Highly applicable for cats with flat-shaped face
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Bowl edges chipped out easily
  • Do not stay in place while in use


The CatGuru Wide Cat Food Bowl is another food bowl for Maine Coons that has various colors to choose from. It comes with a very basic design and too convenient to understand. Moreover, you will notice some small ripples within the food bowl that acts to prevent its movement while eating. The bowl is actually shallow that helps prevent whisker fatigue.

Additionally, the CatGuru Wide Cat Food Bowl contains BPA free melamine which is non-toxic to cats and other pets. So, even if it is made of plastic, you do not need to worry as it is generally coated to protect the safety of food for your cat. But, the good thing is that this one of the food bowls for Maine Coons also has a stainless steel option for more safety.

Aside from that, the CatGuru Wide Cat Food Bowl can accommodate 5 ounces of both dry and wet cat food to prevent overfeeding of your Maine Coon. And another thing to be credited to its high-quality material is it’s being durable and being dishwasher safe. It stays in place with lesser movement due to its non-slip feature.

Product Feature:

  • Have various colors available
  • Really easy to use and easy to wash even by hands. Simply soak the food bowl into warm water before washing.
  • Safe for use by pets due to its allergy-free material, stress-free feature, and whisker relief mechanism.


  • Smart design feature
  • Made of materials safe for pets
  • Easy to use


  • The rubber plastic material is flimsy
  • Emits a chemical smell


The iBard Slanted Cat Dish Bowl is one of the durable and easy to use food bowls for Maine Coons. Its material comes from 100% premium-quality polypropylene that is safe for pets and dishwasher. To stay the food bowl in place, the iBard Slanted Cat Dish Bowl is actually elastic and contains anti-slip feature to firmly stay it in place. Food wastage is not a thing to worry about because the food bowl has a very special design.

Moreover, to guarantee great Maine Coon satisfaction, the iBard Slanted Cat Dish Bowl is highly adjustable in any angle available. The food bowl can basically hold around 8.5 ounces of cat food. Due to this, the iBard Slanted Cat Dish Bowl is highly ideal for Maine Coons weighing 25 lbs and below.


  • Generally suitable for small pets that have a flat-shaped face like the Maine Coons
  • Comes with two separate parts: the food bowl and the bottom base
  • Highly adjustable bowl position due to its 360-degree tilt mechanism to achieve the best feeding posture
  • With elevated food bowl that prevents the food spillage and maintains the food into the center
  • Can feed the Maine Coons in a comfortable and hygienic manner
  • Has 100% quality polypropylene material which makes the food bowl easy to clean and generally safe for use.

The iBard Slanted Cat Dish Bowl is one of the food bowls for Maine Coons that are made from polypropylene material. It has a stand and an adjustable bowl that comes with either ivory white or light pink colors. The free tilt structure of the food bowl also takes off the unwanted stress on the cat’s spine during eating. Aside from that, because of its adjustable feature, the Maine Coon can eat comfortably on a good feeding position.


  • Has free tilt mechanism
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free and food-grade material


  • The base breaks easily

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Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Generally, when feeding the felines, the location of the food and water matters a lot. Theoretically, wild cats usually keep their food away from their water so that the water will be free of bacteria and contamination. Getting the food and water near each other can risk the food pieces within the water once they will be eaten.


A: Basically, most elevated food bowls for cats are highly suitable for senior cats and those cats suffering from illness. Due to the muscle and joint weakness, those cats are not able to bend their body as much as they want. And that makes the use of elevated food bowls very effective and useful for senior cats.


A: Felines generally do not need a high amount of water to drink. This is true enough for those at canned food or cat food packed in pouches. This type of cat food basically contains a high amount of water. But, it is still essential to ensure that the cats do have an access to freshwater most of the time. Moreover, it is better to encourage your cat companion to drink from the water bowl.


The food bowls for Maine Coons generally come from different materials that determine its unique functions.

Moreover, buying this kind of product involves various factors to consider which include the food bowl size, ability to prevent whisker fatigue, non-slip feature, design, ease of cleaning, and other features that come with it.

In addition to that, when we talk about cat food bowls, purchasing a premium-quality one is actually the best choice of investment that could last over the years. So, rather than to buy an affordable food bowl for your Maine Coons, it is a good idea to stake your bucks on cat food bowls that stay durable for a long period of time.

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